Visiting filmmakers at DCFF 2017




When creativity gets punished as error, freedom must be sought.

Director Biography – Karl Bou-Rjeily

Discovering the magic of the camera from a young age, Karl pursues his film studies at the Lebanese American University – Beirut, during which he writes and directs two short films, “Anemoia” (2018) and “Allegro” (2019). A passionate musician, Karl is also involved in film scoring, performing live and all around experimenting with sounds.
He has spent his last year as cinematographer on multiple short films, and as part of the experimental music duo “Borj Selim”.

Director Statement

Allegro came out of frustration with societal norms, and bureaucracy. I have been feeling trapped in a system that does not care about the qualities of what I do, but only about numbers, and status. Allegro is my personal scream, and statement to the world I live in, made by the very means that I feel should be free in the world.

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