October 27th and 28th 2019.

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Directors Cut Int’l Film Festival.


Sunday Oct.27th Shows and Times

  1. 12:00pm: The He without Him – Kolkata, India, 1hr50m
  2. 02:30pm: Beyond the Woods – BC Canada, 1hr41m
  3. 05:00pm: 2Below0 – Oregon USA, 50m
  4. 07:00pm: RECEPTION! Lets meet the filmmakers…
  5. 08:00pm: Aleksi – Croatia, 1hr30m
  6. 10:00pm: Greek Rock Revolution – Greece, 1hr36m

Monday Oct. 28th Shows and Times

  1. 12:00pm: Taming Wild:Pura Vida – Costa Rica/USA, 1hr
  2. 01:30pm: We are the Roots: Black Settlers of the Prairies – AB Canada 1hr
  3. 03:00pm:* International Shorts – 1hr30m
  4. 05:00pm:* USA Shorts – 1hr30m
  5. 07:00pm: Guca: Serbian Detox – Serbia/Canada, 1hr
  6. 08:00pm:*Canada Shorts (Local/National) – 1hr40m


  1. The First & Last Time, Peter Sacco,Music Video,00:05:27,Canada,
  2. Shrink-Wrapped the Web Series, Paula Elle, Web / New Media,00:07:31,Canada
  3. Dark Before Dawn, Brodie Spaull, Paul Krysinski”,Web / New Media, 5:46,Canada,
  4. GRITZMORE S1, David K. Greene, Short,00:09:32,Canada,
  5. Polar Tour, Dustin McGladrey,”Short, Student”,00:04:30,Canada
  6. I’m Sorry, Gabriel Galand,”Short, Student”,00:04:00,Canada
  7. Come Around, Andy Alvarez,”Short, Student”,00:07:20,Canada,
  8. Send me to hell, Baby, Todd Davies, Short,00:19:10,Canada
  9. In Service of Duality, Rogan Lovse,”Experimental, Short”,00:03:14,Canada,
  10. Unmasking, Rob Comeau, Short,00:12:00,Canada,
  11. One More Day, Brenda Grzetic,Documentary,00:13:42,Canada,
  12. Venus Rising,  Alexandra Noble,”Experimental, Short”,00:04:28,Canada
  13. The Act, Raffinand Akiji,  Short,  16:43, Canada



  1. In A Jungle, Uduak Etukudo,Short,00:12:00,Nigeria
  2. Rebecca Gold, Ian Diaz,”Short, Web / New Media”,00:10:00,United Kingdom
  3. Sound of Two, Sachin Ramdas,Short,00:12:23,United Arab Emirates
  4. I Killed Vincent, Jean-Luc Blanchet,”Documentary, Short”,00:14:04,France
  5. Nobody Dies Here,Simon Panay,Documentary,00:23:21,Benin
  6. Allegro, Karl Bou-Rjeily,”Experimental, Short, Student”,00:06:27,Lebanon
  7. Nemesis, Behzad Jafarimazhab Haghighi,”Short”,00:05:00,”Iran”
  8. In Brief, Carlo Perassi,”Documentary, Experimental, Short”,00:06:32,Italy
  9. You’re talking to me? Desalos Isabelle,Short,00:03:38,France
  10. Coffin Decolleté, Nancy Kamal, Experimental,00:05:57,Egypt
  11. We Meet On The Roof, Nicholas Sun,”Short, Student”,00:18:46,China



  1. Forbidden, Vibha Gulati,Short,00:20:00,United States
  2. Method, Robert Grabow,Short,00:14:40,
  3. The Ballad of Handsome Ned, Beth Harrington,Music Video,00:06:01,United States
  4. Tomorrow, Karis Campbell,Short,00:06:42,United States
  5. Platonic, David Leidy, Experimental, Short”,00:19:30,United States
  6. EXTRA INNINGS,  John Gray,Short, 00:08:34,United States
  7. Shebbie’s Live Life Series, Justin R. Edelman, Web / New Media”,00:05:00, Tonga, US
  8. THE DESECRATED,  John Gray,Short, 00:07:48,United States


  • The Ballad of Handsome Ned,Beth Harrington,Music Video,00:06:01,United States
  • Shrink-Wrapped the Web Series,Paula Elle,Web / New Media,00:07:31,Canada,
  • Tomorrow,Karis Campbell,Short,00:06:42,United States,
  • I’m Sorry,Gabriel Galand,”Short, Student”,00:04:00,Canada,
  • Down on the Sidewalk in Waikīkī,Justyn Ah Chong,Short,00:19:59,United States,
  • In A Jungle,Uduak Etukudo,Short,00:12:00,Nigeria,
  • REFUGE IN THE ROCKIES,Kaio Kathriner,”Documentary, Short”,00:12:18,Canada,
  • Come Around,Andy Alvarez,”Short, Student”,00:07:20,Canada,
  • Platonic,””,”Experimental, Short”,00:19:30,United States,
  • Rebecca Gold ,Ian Diaz,”Short, Web / New Media”,00:10:00,United Kingdom,
  • Sound of Two,Sachin Ramdas,Short,00:12:23,United Arab Emirates,
  • In Service of Duality,Rogan Lovse,”Experimental, Short”,00:03:14,Canada,
  • “Dark Before Dawn | CARAVAN, CONVOY”,”Brodie Spaull, Paul Krysinski”,Web / New Media,00:00:00,Canada,
  • I Killed Vincent,Jean-Luc Blanchet,”Documentary, Short”,00:14:04,France,
  • One More Day,Brenda Grzetic,Documentary,00:13:42,Canada,
  • EXTRA INNINGS,John Gray,Short,00:08:34,United States,
  • Tattoo,Aleksandras Brokas,Music Video,00:03:07,Indonesia,
  • Nobody Dies Here,Simon Panay,Documentary,00:23:21,Benin,
  • The Music Sounds Better with Whom: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Experience,Chasson
  • Gracie,”Documentary, Short”,00:19:09,”Canada, Japan, United States”,
  • Shebbie’s Live Life Series,Justin R. Edelman,”Documentary, Web / New Media”,00:05:00,”Antarctica, Argentina, Australia,
  • Falkland Islands (Malvinas), French Polynesia, Maldives, Tonga, United States”,
  • GRITZMORE SEASON ONE,David K. Greene,Short,00:09:32,Canada,
  • THE DESECRATED,John Gray,Short,00:07:48,United States,
  • The First & Last Time,Peter Sacco,Music Video,00:05:27,Canada,
  • Method,Robert Grabow,Short,00:14:40,””,
  • Allegro,Karl Bou-Rjeily,”Experimental, Short, Student”,00:06:27,Lebanon,
  • Forbidden,Vibha Gulati,Short,00:20:00,United States,
  • Nemesis,Behzad Jafarimazhab Haghighi,”Experimental, Short”,00:05:00,”Iran, Islamic Republic of”,
  • In Brief,Carlo Perassi,”Documentary, Experimental, Short”,00:06:32,Italy,
  • You’re talking to me?,Desalos Isabelle,Short,00:03:38,France,
  • “Send me to hell,Baby”,Todd Davies,Short,00:19:10,Canada,
  • Coffin Decolleté,Nancy Kamal,”Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Short”,00:05:57,Egypt,
  • We Meet On The Roof,Nicholas Sun,”Short, Student”,00:18:46,China,
  • Polar Tour,Dustin McGladrey,”Short, Student”,00:04:30,Canada,
  • Unmasking,Rob,Short,00:12:00,Canada,
  • The Act,Raffinand Akiji,”Short, Student”,00:16:43,Canada,
  • Venus Rising,Alexandra Noble,”Experimental, Short”,00:04:28,Canada,
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