Music Video – SON – Beyries – dcff2018

        Philippe Grenier : DIRECTOR


“As soon as I heard Beyries’ new album, it became an instant favourite, I quickly knew I’d want to make a video for one of her songs. I finally chose Son because of the lyrics, the melody and the artist’s powerful performance. I went back and forth for a long while with Beyries in order to get to this storyline. A mother faces an important dilemma when her son commits a morally unacceptable act. We play with the very fine line between anger, powerlessness and the love of a mother for her son. The dichotomy, the contradiction of emotions inspired me to tell the story of this broken family. The narrative offers no clear answer or solution; it compels the viewer to take a stand on avenged injustice, which we decide to pardon or not. I wanted to dive into these very complex relationships, these moral issues and to translate them into a short story”.  – Philippe Grenier



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