Oct. 29th – Nov. 5th 2023.

Welcome to the “virtual” Directors Cut Int’l Film Festival.





Project Title Directors Project Type Country of Origin
Enter the Room Harry Waldman United States
Dead End Luis Sandoval Short Chile
Spilled Water Never Returns Anthony Lee Animation, Experimental, Short, Student Canada
All Politics is Local Chris Eipper, Declan Mortimer Eipper Documentary Australia
Longing for the Soul; A Quest for Rumi Aryana Farshad Documentary, Television United States
And outside life goes on Daniel Maurer Documentary Switzerland
Noggin Josh Hallem Documentary Canada
Tale and Corona Tomislav Aleksov Feature, Short Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
Journal of a Dreamer Benjamin Hays Short, Student United States
Date-Saster John Strahl Short Canada
Total Quarantine. Sebastian Vaina Short Argentina
Duelo Fernando Pliego García Short Spain
The Soul of the Lake Mathieu Chéreau Short, Student United States
All for Naught TL WESTGATE Short United States
Corporate Retreat marc buzzell Short Canada
Remembering the Children: The Red Deer Indian Industrial School Penny Gullion Documentary Canada
Desire in You Vid Mercun Feature Slovenia
Chateau Laurier -Season 2 James Stewart Web / New Media Canada
Peanut Butter Maxime Divier Short Canada
The Moon Followed Me To Falmouth Joël Gibbs Animation, Music Video, Short United States
IDEA – Miniatures by Improvisers Ebba Jahn Experimental, Feature, Music Video Germany
Purpose Christo Vutev Animation, Short Canada
Fatih the Conqueror Onur Yagiz Short France
Our bodies like dams Sarah Finn Experimental, Short United States
Wholistic Conversations on Liver Wellness: An Indigenous Perspective Kate P.R. Dunn Documentary, Student Canada
Around the Same Table Zeynep Üstünipek Animation, Feature Turkey
Repeat Andros Georgiou Experimental, Short, Other Canada
Someone who is punctual Haibo Wang Short China
In the Wake of the

Cedar Tree (2023)

Towustasin Documentary, Experimental, Music Video, Short, Web / New Media Canada
Flammable Film Olivier van Malderghem Documentary, Experimental, Feature Belgium
ROOTS, DIASPORA & WAR Phil Comeau Documentary Canada
The Milkman Huzeifa Essaji Short, Student United Kingdom
Babushka Simon Höbert Short Austria
Good Riddance Jake Roth Short United States
The Founder Effect Justin MacGregor Feature Canada
NAKED CAME THE STRANGER Animation, Experimental, Short, Student United Kingdom
Atomic Love Antoine Girard Animation, Short, Student Canada
WAKING UP A WIDOWER david grewe Documentary, Short Not Specified
Supermodel Nicole Wensel United States
ID Kiran Kondamadugula Feature United States
Knife, Chocolate Hooshmand Varaei Experimental, Short Iran, Islamic Republic of
Dawn of Decay Ian Wright Short Canada
Through the Mirror Jeff Evans-Todd Short Canada
Cherry Blossoms in March Riley Rheyan Short Canada
Meera Dilip Harnarayan Dixit Feature India
Pass Elika Abdollahi Short, Student, Other Iran, Islamic Republic of
Hate Can Kill Imtiaz Popat Documentary, Short Canada
Doctor’s Orders Aaron Robert Newman Short United States
The Divorcees Of Casablanca BENSOUDA MOHAMMED AHED Feature Morocco
Hockey Kid: On thin ice Richard Leonard MacQueen Documentary Canada
The Ultimate Sacrifice Riley Jackson Short, Student United States
Ujan Story shahram Badakhshan mehr Documentary, Feature Armenia
Alive… aha, Fuck Ivy Watson Short, Student Canada
Elektra Hisham Bizri Feature Lebanon
The Last Fare David Breckman Short United States
Buddy Love Kiefer O’Reilly Short, Student Canada
PERPETUAL SEARCH Gopal Shivakoti Documentary Nepal
Juana Banana Matias Szulanski Feature Argentina
ALIKIJA Short Iran, Islamic Republic of
In The End Ishwar L. Maisuria Feature, Television, Web / New Media Canada
Entombed Barry Ferrier Animation, Experimental, Short Australia


November 15-20 2021.

Welcome to the “virtual”

5th Annual Directors Cut Int’l Film Festival



Project Title Directors Project Type              
Country of Origin
Exchange Offer Saunak Mitra Short India
The Beds of Others Jonay García Short Spain
Lila Lamberto Guerra Short Spain
Replica Álvaro de la Hoz Short Spain
Neighbooor Paco León Short Spain
The Atoms of Reality Marco Joubert Experimental Canada
Don’t Give Up Janne Tavares Short, Other Sweden
A.D.A.M. Pablo Roldan Short Chile
Sorrow Stefan Teofilovic Short Serbia
IN MEDIAS RUSH Esben Persson Experimental Denmark
Shop Jesper Klevenås Feature Sweden
Sab Rab De Bande: Sukhdeep Singh Doc India
Col & Ibri discover elec.. Cosmin Dolea Experimental Romania
Plasmid Roshni “Rush” Bhatia Short United States
Brr K & B McQueeney, E Ojeda Music Video United States
The Complete Shutdown  Devpriya Paul Documentary India
Plan F Igor Sobolev Short Czech Rep.
YAR  Aram Hassan Documentary Iraq
The Blue Bed Alireza Kazemipour Short Iran
Inheritance Eudald Corominas Short Spain
Hear, Eat, Home:  Hsuan Yu Pan Documentary United States
Incompleteness David Ash Television United States
Paqui Conchi and The end.. Adolfo Ontoba Short Spain
Pindorama Wagner Cinelli, M Oliveira Music Brazil
Arcos da Lapa Wagner Cinelli Music Video Brazil
An Ordinary Life G Danon, E Shalom Danon Documentary Israel
Faded Memories Valentina Galdi Short Italy
Mandarina Gabriel Bucher Short, Other Chile
Year Zero – Episode 1- Isaac Rodriguez Web media United States
Rules of the Dead Isaac Rodriguez Other United States
Can’t Go Home Again Anthony J. Cook Short UK
Isolation Justin MacGregor Short Canada

Andrei Gloria

Doc, Short United Kingd
Anagnorisis Arturo Dueñas Herrero Short Spain
Groundhog year Fernanda Almeida Short Brazil
How to Fall in Love in a Brothel Sunhui Chang Short United States
Deep Blue Something: Music Video United States
Lady of the Sea Emmett Sparling Short Canada
Evening Hymns – Heavy Nights Monika Kraska Music Video Canada
For my daughter mohammad ferajzade Short Iran
Dirty Dishes A Goddard, M Ashman, J Roper Short Australia
Mike Barnes: Private Eye Steven Ellis Web Media United States
Mid Life Conversations Maria Filippone Short United States
Invocation to Isis Giacomo Cataldo Experimental Canada
Anxiety Blaine Thurier Short Canada
Reptile House Tristan Risk Short Canada
Matty Boy Dr Shahid Kamal Short United Kingd
Watch Your Six Bryan Bostic Feature United States
The Beast of Our Time Maaike Middleton Documentary United States
Untitled Thoughts Eva Grzelak Short Australia
Cheaters, Robbers and Outlaws Jason Steele Short, Web  Canada
Mr. Emancipation:Walter Perry Story Preston Chase Documentary Canada
See You Real Soon Molly E. Smith Music Video United States
Where is Manjushri Gosha Wen Short Canada
DOLLFACE Titus Jackson Short United States
One Day At A Time Vortre Williams Feature United Kingd
The Valravn Spencer Hetherington Short Canada
Dentists Paradox Delilah Web Media Canada
Ewa Goes Viral Erik Anderson Short Canada
Deception Barry Nerling Short Canada
One More Trip in the Bike Dan J McDougall Music Video Canada
Dirty Laundry Florence Hwang Documentary Canada
AL2-st (Altruist) Christo Vutev Animation Canada
Displaced Victor van Aswegen Documentary South Africa
The Sound of Water J.B. Braud Short France
Journey 4 Justice Jaylene Matthews Documentary Canada
Janani’s Juliet pankaj rishi kumar Documentary India
Beautiful Violence Joey Medina Short United States
Haleh Jafar Mahyari Short Iran
The Colour of Spring Paul Andrew Kimball Feature Canada
To The Wood Miho Kahn Short United States
Mr Alemann Stewart Nestor Documentary United States






November 7th – 14th 2020.

Welcome to the “virtual”

4th Annual Directors Cut Int’l Film Festival



Project Title  Directors
   Project Type Status      Country
My Name Was January  Elina Gress, Lenee Son    Doc. Short Winner      Canada 00:25:45
Shibil  Nikola Bozadzhiev    Feature Winner      Bulgaria 01:55:13
Rock On, Dude!  Frank Appache    Short Finalist      Canada 00:10:00
Ada  Steven Kammerer    Short Finalist      Canada 00:18:46
Cashed Out  Michael Trainor    Short Finalist      Canada 00:12:12
HEY SMARTBOX  Panta Mosleh    Short Finalist      Canada 00:05:15
Doris’s flight  Gabriela Lima    Exp/Short
Finalist      US 00:11:26
Toby’s Tree      Screenplay Finalist      US 20
Wicca Book  Vahagn    Short Finalist      Greece 00:22:46
UNTIMELY  Pouya Eshtehardi    Feature Finalist      Iran 01:18:00
Waiting for the Salvation      Screenplay
Finalist   8
Soch  Ashish Dahal    Music Video Finalist      Nepal 00:03:42
Goodnight  Jake Roth    Short Finalist      US 00:05:07
Stood Up  Cjay Boisclair    Short Finalist      Canada 00:04:40
Coffee and a Donut  Cary Patrick Martin    Short Winner      United St 00:11:28
Blind Date  David Schumann    Short Finalist      United St 00:12:03
Tabernacle 101  Colm O’Murchu    Feature Winner      Australia 01:39:00
DOG TAG      Short Script Finalist      Canada 5 Pages
Ettù Parànu  Davide carbone    Documentary Finalist      Italy 00:51:36
Sockeye Salmon. Red..  D. Shpilenok , V. Grishin    Documentary Winner      Russia
Bryers Cucumber Tost..  Christopher Hall    Short Finalist      United St 00:16:12
Flight of the Dodo  Taras Demian Groves    Short Winner      Canada 00:10:27
Silent Movie  Melo Viana    Short Winner      Brazil 00:15:00
La Ráfaga (The Gust)  Edgar García    Short Finalist      PuertoRico
The Barber  Sergiy Pudich    Short Finalist      Ukraine 00:08:00
Rumori  SÄMEN    Short Finalist      Italy 00:10:00
Transient Souls  Christian Frosio    Music Video Winner      Italy 00:04:24
Finding Filman  Kevin Anglin    Short Finalist      US 00:13:17
It’s Your Turn  Rose , Oliver d    Short, Web
Finalist      Spain 00:15:00
The Unsuperheroes  Caitlynn Silvius    Student, Web
Finalist      United St 00:06:30
Quiver      Short Script Finalist      Canada 8 Pages
The River  Benjamin Hargreaves    Doc. Short Finalist      Canada 00:16:40
NEXT STOP  Weekes,Tapambwa, Wit.
   Short, Web
Winner      Canada
Wednesday  L.Delhom, J.Paquet    Short Finalist      Canada 00:10:00
LITTLE BIG-GO BANANAS  A. Pasok, I. Prusikin    Music Video Finalist      Russian
Align  R.E. Wolfe    Short Finalist      UK 00:07:22
River City Series Pilot      Script Finalist      Canada 23
Highland Home      Music,Short Winner      United St 00:04:59
Ekti Golpo
 shan A Alavi    Music Video Finalist      Bangla
Stro: The Michael D’Asaro..
 G.Lynch Jr, D.Nichols    Documentary Winner      United St 01:28:18
Bambiland  Danilo Stanimirović    Short Finalist      Serbia 00:19:59
Chances  Rob Heschl    Short Finalist      Canada 00:03:26
Therapy Dogs      Short Script Finalist      Canada 18
A Momentary Yearning  Faraaz Husain Rahman    Short Finalist      Australia 00:11:27
The Upward Cycle      Short Script Finalist      Canada 21
Cate  Terrell Ferguson    Short Finalist      United St 00:14:20
(Dys)Functional  Adam Nowak    Short Finalist   00:12:41
Saudade  Mark D’Cruz    Short Finalist      India 00:10:05
DADDY SITTER      Screenplay
Finalist      France 17
We’re Fine      Short Script Finalist      United St
Ashes      Short Script Finalist      United St 15
What We Found Out There  Karl Kimmel    Short Finalist      Canada 00:09:00
Malakout  Farnoosh Abedi    Animation,Short Finalist      Iran 00:11:24
Feel India  Ion Sova    Documentary        Finalist      Moldova 00:11:22
A Few Flower Branches  Mehrdad Parvani    Student, Short Finalist      Iran 00:29:21
ANNA – Cannes Official..
 Dekel Berenson    Short Winner      UK. Ukrai.
The Horror Crowd  Ruben Pla    Documentary Finalist      USA
Ukde  Ecem Çelik    Feature, Short,
Finalist      Turkey 00:18:28
Ionuț and Călin  Sorin Poamă    Short Finalist      Romania 00:17:44
Rocking on Air  Kim Tran    Short Finalist      Canada 00:09:42
Midnight Movie : Magnum..   Myriam Khammassi    Student Finalist      Tunisia 00:12:48
ARGON  Shoresh VAKILI    Student, Short Finalist      Iran 00:15:00
Strut – 1980s (Music Video)  Tim Cash   Winner      Canada 00:00:00
When The Music Changes  Lakshmi Devy    Feature, Short Finalist      United St 00:47:15
The Breathing Moon      Screenplay Winner
     United St 11 Pages



(Archived Events)

October 27th and 28th 2019.

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Directors Cut Int’l Film Festival.


Sunday Oct.27th Shows and Times

  1. 12:00pm: The He without Him – Kolkata, India, 1hr50m
  2. 02:30pm: Beyond the Woods – BC Canada, 1hr41m
  3. 05:00pm: 2Below0 – Oregon USA, 50m
  4. 07:00pm: RECEPTION! Lets meet the filmmakers…
  5. 08:00pm: Aleksi – Croatia, 1hr30m
  6. 10:00pm: Greek Rock Revolution – Greece, 1hr36m
Monday Oct. 28th Shows and Times
  1. 12:00pm: Taming Wild:Pura Vida – Costa Rica/USA, 1hr
  2. 01:30pm: We are the Roots: Black Settlers of the Prairies – AB Canada 1hr
  3. 03:00pm:* International Shorts – 1hr30m
  4. 05:00pm:* USA Shorts – 1hr30m
  5. 07:00pm: Guca: Serbian Detox – Serbia/Canada, 1hr
  6. 08:00pm:*Canada Shorts (Local/National) – 1hr40m

  1. The First & Last Time, Peter Sacco,Music Video,00:05:27,Canada,
  2. Shrink-Wrapped the Web Series, Paula Elle, Web / New Media,00:07:31,Canada
  3. Dark Before Dawn, Brodie Spaull, Paul Krysinski”,Web / New Media, 5:46,Canada,
  4. GRITZMORE S1, David K. Greene, Short,00:09:32,Canada,
  5. Polar Tour, Dustin McGladrey,”Short, Student”,00:04:30,Canada
  6. I’m Sorry, Gabriel Galand,”Short, Student”,00:04:00,Canada
  7. Come Around, Andy Alvarez,”Short, Student”,00:07:20,Canada,
  8. Send me to hell, Baby, Todd Davies, Short,00:19:10,Canada
  9. In Service of Duality, Rogan Lovse,”Experimental, Short”,00:03:14,Canada,
  10. Unmasking, Rob Comeau, Short,00:12:00,Canada,
  11. One More Day, Brenda Grzetic,Documentary,00:13:42,Canada,
  12. Venus Rising,  Alexandra Noble,”Experimental, Short”,00:04:28,Canada
  13. The Act, Raffinand Akiji,  Short,  16:43, Canada


  1. In A Jungle, Uduak Etukudo,Short,00:12:00,Nigeria
  2. Rebecca Gold, Ian Diaz,”Short, Web / New Media”,00:10:00,United Kingdom
  3. Sound of Two, Sachin Ramdas,Short,00:12:23,United Arab Emirates
  4. I Killed Vincent, Jean-Luc Blanchet,”Documentary, Short”,00:14:04,France
  5. Nobody Dies Here,Simon Panay,Documentary,00:23:21,Benin
  6. Allegro, Karl Bou-Rjeily,”Experimental, Short, Student”,00:06:27,Lebanon
  7. Nemesis, Behzad Jafarimazhab Haghighi,”Short”,00:05:00,”Iran”
  8. In Brief, Carlo Perassi,”Documentary, Experimental, Short”,00:06:32,Italy
  9. You’re talking to me? Desalos Isabelle,Short,00:03:38,France
  10. Coffin Decolleté, Nancy Kamal, Experimental,00:05:57,Egypt
  11. We Meet On The Roof, Nicholas Sun,”Short, Student”,00:18:46,China


  1. Forbidden, Vibha Gulati,Short,00:20:00,United States
  2. Method, Robert Grabow,Short,00:14:40,
  3. The Ballad of Handsome Ned, Beth Harrington,Music Video,00:06:01,United States
  4. Tomorrow, Karis Campbell,Short,00:06:42,United States
  5. Platonic, David Leidy, Experimental, Short”,00:19:30,United States
  6. EXTRA INNINGS,  John Gray,Short, 00:08:34,United States
  7. Shebbie’s Live Life Series, Justin R. Edelman, Web / New Media”,00:05:00, Tonga, US
  8. THE DESECRATED,  John Gray,Short, 00:07:48,United States

  • The Ballad of Handsome Ned,Beth Harrington,Music Video,00:06:01,United States
  • Shrink-Wrapped the Web Series,Paula Elle,Web / New Media,00:07:31,Canada,
  • Tomorrow,Karis Campbell,Short,00:06:42,United States,
  • I’m Sorry,Gabriel Galand,”Short, Student”,00:04:00,Canada,
  • Down on the Sidewalk in Waikīkī,Justyn Ah Chong,Short,00:19:59,United States,
  • In A Jungle,Uduak Etukudo,Short,00:12:00,Nigeria,
  • REFUGE IN THE ROCKIES,Kaio Kathriner,”Documentary, Short”,00:12:18,Canada,
  • Come Around,Andy Alvarez,”Short, Student”,00:07:20,Canada,
  • Platonic,””,”Experimental, Short”,00:19:30,United States,
  • Rebecca Gold ,Ian Diaz,”Short, Web / New Media”,00:10:00,United Kingdom,
  • Sound of Two,Sachin Ramdas,Short,00:12:23,United Arab Emirates,
  • In Service of Duality,Rogan Lovse,”Experimental, Short”,00:03:14,Canada,
  • “Dark Before Dawn | CARAVAN, CONVOY”,”Brodie Spaull, Paul Krysinski”,Web / New Media,00:00:00,Canada,
  • I Killed Vincent,Jean-Luc Blanchet,”Documentary, Short”,00:14:04,France,
  • One More Day,Brenda Grzetic,Documentary,00:13:42,Canada,
  • EXTRA INNINGS,John Gray,Short,00:08:34,United States,
  • Tattoo,Aleksandras Brokas,Music Video,00:03:07,Indonesia,
  • Nobody Dies Here,Simon Panay,Documentary,00:23:21,Benin,
  • The Music Sounds Better with Whom: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Music Experience,Chasson
  • Gracie,”Documentary, Short”,00:19:09,”Canada, Japan, United States”,
  • Shebbie’s Live Life Series,Justin R. Edelman,”Documentary, Web / New Media”,00:05:00,”Antarctica, Argentina, Australia,
  • Falkland Islands (Malvinas), French Polynesia, Maldives, Tonga, United States”,
  • GRITZMORE SEASON ONE,David K. Greene,Short,00:09:32,Canada,
  • THE DESECRATED,John Gray,Short,00:07:48,United States,
  • The First & Last Time,Peter Sacco,Music Video,00:05:27,Canada,
  • Method,Robert Grabow,Short,00:14:40,””,
  • Allegro,Karl Bou-Rjeily,”Experimental, Short, Student”,00:06:27,Lebanon,
  • Forbidden,Vibha Gulati,Short,00:20:00,United States,
  • Nemesis,Behzad Jafarimazhab Haghighi,”Experimental, Short”,00:05:00,”Iran, Islamic Republic of”,
  • In Brief,Carlo Perassi,”Documentary, Experimental, Short”,00:06:32,Italy,
  • You’re talking to me?,Desalos Isabelle,Short,00:03:38,France,
  • “Send me to hell,Baby”,Todd Davies,Short,00:19:10,Canada,
  • Coffin Decolleté,Nancy Kamal,”Documentary, Experimental, Feature, Music Video, Short”,00:05:57,Egypt,
  • We Meet On The Roof,Nicholas Sun,”Short, Student”,00:18:46,China,
  • Polar Tour,Dustin McGladrey,”Short, Student”,00:04:30,Canada,
  • Unmasking,Rob,Short,00:12:00,Canada,
  • The Act,Raffinand Akiji,”Short, Student”,00:16:43,Canada,
  • Venus Rising,Alexandra Noble,”Experimental, Short”,00:04:28,Canada,
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